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1st Convention Internacional MLM in Europe

          Theme: TelexFREE LLC  - Date: 01, 02 March in Madrid, Spain




James Merrill

MLM Company 2013

Referrals to the Awards:


MLM Company Award 2013: Telexfree LLC - Mr. James Merrill and Mr. Carlos Wanzeler

MLM Entrepreneur Award 2013: Mr. Carlos Costa (Ympactus Brazil)

Top Discloser Award 2013: Mr. Sann Rodrigues: Top World TelexFREE

MLM Personality Award 2013: Mr. Moses Diniz

Carlos Costa

MLM Entrepreneur 2013

Carlos Wanzeler

MLM Company 2013

Sann Rodrigues

TOP Discloser 2013

Moisés Diniz Lima

Personality MLM 2013


Steve Labriola

Marketing Manager

Telexfree Internacional

Acelino Popó Freitas

Deputy Federal

Rapporteur of the law

of MLM in Brazil

World boxing champion

Gerald P. Nehra

Director Legal

Telexfree Internacional

               Event schedule

Calendar of Events:


01/03/2014 Day : 20h .


1 - Gala Dinner - 300 of Top Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Europe, America , South America, Asia, Pacific


Grand arrival of the International Fellowship Telexfree Unitel and Europe.

It will be available for Entourage aa Telexfree and Unitel Europe Group, the following benefits and services:


a - direct Limo Service , the recognized company based in Madrid.


b- snapshot for presentations ;


c - Accommodation in Madrid, luxury qualities ;


d - Air Travel: Vitória / Brazil Madrid / Spain and Madrid / Spain in Vitoria / Brazil ;


02/03/2014 Day : Opening of the first convention . 2200-2500 people


1 - Presentation of table Event Organization.

1.1 - Presentation of Commissioners of all countries involved .

2 - Greetings from the President of the Organization.

2.1 - Leader Telexfree Spain - European Market and MLM

2.2 - Word of the Representative of Employers of Europe


Conference will be presented by the representative or Telexfree LLC and Brazil - Market and MLM Telexfree growth prospects in Europe .


Product / Service Voip 99Telexfree ;

Product Launch and presentation Telexfree mobile App .

Official presentation of the new world Telexfree brand.

- Presentation of the leaders of Brazil and the world ;


2 - The Word of every leader - his life story and what has changed with the Telexfree ;


3 - the European Social Group Project


4 - How to use the electronic payment system ;

World 5-1 º MMN 2013 Distinction Award . Award Winners .


6 - Raffle Prizes ;


09h at 14 h . and 17h to 21h. Intervals break fast, lunch and coffee break.


7 - Top Training Leaders Europe and guests ;


8 - Formation of using VoIP services via phone and use ATA ;


9 - Projects growing international network ;


10 - International Strategy group; intervals break , lunch and coffee break fast


European Companies Collaborating to Event


Platinum Group


International Recove


ER +3


Hotel Auditorium Madrid


Euro Exchange - Spain- London -Florida

Hotel Auditorium Madrid 4 & Conference Centre Principe Felipe
Avenida de Aragón, 400 (located in the A-II, next to the airport and IFEMA) 28022 Madrid
Coordinates for GPS:
Height: 40.449274986699365 (40 º 26 '57.39 "N)
Length: -3.5594293440231013 (3 º 33 '33.95 "W)